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4 x Fairy Nest LED Vase Lights - Remote-Controlled Assorted Colors

$37.99 /EA-Each

Technical Specifications:

Occasion:   Any Occasion
Colors:   Assorted
LEDS:   Battery Powered
Bling Bling:   LEDs
Price Range:   $40.00 -$100.00
Pack Quantity:  4

Description & Instructions

Fairies are known to bring good tidings and luck, just like in the stories. eFavorMart.com brings you these not only UNIQUE and BRIGHT fairies bunched together for that added effect but now you can tell them when to wake-up also through remote control. Truly, this item will let you create that remarkable performance that has always led you to the top.

eFavorMart.com makes your events more remarkable than ever before will all new inspirations to choose from!

Additional Information:
Quantity: 4 LEDS per order. Each LED has 9 bulbs
Submersible / Waterproof: YES.
Comes With Battery: Yes. Approx. Comes With FREE batteries. Batteries are replaceable.
Dimensions: Approx. 2.25 x 2.25
Colors: 13 colors to alternate between
JUMP function: color changes every 1 sec until a new command is given by remote

Additional Directions:
(1) LEDS can only be switched on through remote. ***FOR FIRST TIME USE***, remove plastic seal on the batteries in the remote and in the LED; batteries are BRAND NEW and the plastic is there to prevent the batteries power from dissipating
(2) You can remote control the ON/OFF, in addition to changing the light colors, of the LEDs as long as within range

Note: Sale is for LED and remote only, additional accessories not included