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3/8" Satin Edge Organza-Yellow


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3/8" Satin Edge Organza-Yellow
3/8" Satin Edge Organza-Yellow3/8" Satin Edge Organza-Yellow
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Satin edge organza ribbon in a broad assortment of colors adds elegance and style to all your wedding embellishments.

High quality organza meets shiny satin in this lovely ribbon combination. Organza ribbon is edged with satin fabric for a stiffer stronger ribbon to stand up to all your embellishment needs. Use this thinner 3/8 inch width to wrap up small boxes of wedding favors or accent bouquets and boutonnieres. The stiffer edge makes this ribbon easier to work with when crafting bows or embellishments of all kinds. Our rainbow assortment of colors ensures you can find the right shade for all your wedding decor, no matter how challenging your color scheme might be.

Satin edge organza ribbon comes in narrow 3/8 inch width and a broad range of colors. Nylon material. Spools are sold individually and contain 25 yards of ribbon to each spool.
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